1. Dale Frank (Australian, b. 1959), The family motto had become maximum kick no sugar, 2011-12. Varnish on canvas, 200 x 200 cm.

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  2. Dale Frank (Australian, b. 1959), The Sunset View from the Disused Old Highway Lookout Shelter at Minden at 7:30pm February Towards The Red Elephant, 2003. Varnish on linen, 200 x 200 cm.

    (Source: blastedheath)

  3. Dale Frank, Eastern Suburb’s World, 2013

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    1. Suffocating Indifference, 2012. Varnish on linen; 160 x 200 cm

    2. The boy with three nipples and the lovely locks, 2011. Varnish on linen; 2000 x 2000 mm

    3. There is a line that can’t be crossed without painting ceasing to be painting and becoming art, 2013. Varnish on canvas; 214 × 274cm


    Dale Frank is a contemporary Australian artist represented by the Roslyn Oxley Gallery in Sydney. His current 2014 exhibition is called “Toby Jugs”.

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  5. Art by Tracey Keller

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  6. ^ Clever.


    Four reasons to get out of Australia

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    Sweet, I’m gonna be paying off a HECS debt for the rest of my fucking life

  8. Australian Politics  **** Protests Against Cuts to Education


    Around 1,000 students marched in Melbourne today against the Abbott government’s attacks on education, including unlimited fee increases and massive increases to the interest on HECS debt!

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    Well, Melbourne International Film Festival starts today! Let us tell you about a few female-led films that we’re hyped for our own selves to see. MIFF can tell you what the films are all about, but we’ll give you a little extra to add to your anticipation.

    A Girl At My Door (Director:…


    Autodesk CG Student Awards - 2014

    This is your chance to win prizes, internships in the Games and/or VFX/Animation Industries, and have industry professionals see your work.

    Kick-start your career now by making a film to submit. For more information visit the CG Student Award website:


  11. ** David Hughes on Robert Hughes **

    Caricature of Robert Hughes.

    Artwork by UK artist and illustrator, David Hughes.

    Image featured in ‘THE LIVES OF ROBERT HUGHES.’ The New Yorker, May 12, 1997 P. 44


  12. Graffiti Art in Melbourne

    Tony Abbott - Pinocchio - URA 28 Johnson St, Fitzroy, MELBOURNE 3065

    Artist Unknown.

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    'The art world is taking on some of the less creditable aspects of showbiz' ~Robert Hughes

    The Shock Of The New is an eight part 1982 documentary series written and presented by Robert Hughes, that offers a comprehensive view on the history and development of modern art, from its rise in the 1880s to its present “fall.”

    Hughes later returns to the story with the book The Shock of the New: Art and the Century of Change and in The New Shock of The New an hour length documentary film released in 2004.

    Although The Shock of The New is considered a British, American and West German production, it has been included here. This is because the series was written and presented by Australian critic, Robert Hughes.

  15. The New Shock of the New by Robert Hughes  (2004)

    A one hour update to The Shock of the New, discussing the deterioration of [Post]modern art.